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Thursday, 20 October 2016

TBH Photos/Picture And Videos For Instagram 2017

October 20, 2016
Are you looking for TBH photos and videos for instagram ?? .  So you are at the right place  . In this section we are going to provide you Instagram  photos that you can use further . Also, from here you can get to know why TBH  pics are used on much on Instagram.
tbh videos for instagram

TBH Photos for Instagram


These days TBH is under limelight whether it is facebook or instagram . In Instagram people speak much with its pics rather than simply texting . If you have used Instagram you would have known that  Instagram  runs much on visuals ,unlike facebook that realy much over texting . Instagram is basically designed for sharing pictures  and videos . Therefore you would have seen TBH related pictures rather than TBH related texts  there. Instagram provides a best platform for photos sharing which are easily accessible  and open . Using this privilege lots of people love to post TBH related pics which easily gets  publicity  on Instagram and lots of   people likes those pics for a TBH comment . TBH pics on INSTAGRAM and tbh pictures to post on instagram gets more response than than texts like Like for a TBH on facebook . Now a days people are preferring  to  use photos to express the same feelings that they used to do earlier with quotes while testing . what does tbh mean on instagram check it and get full information of tbh.

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TBH related pics on Instagram convey the same meaning as it does over Internet ie To Be Honest. These enjoy the additional advantage that they have  more visual support over Instagram . There is no previously  specified meaning that TBH pics and Videos will convey over Instagram  . You can write TBH as per your need  . If someone wishes  to write some TBH quotes  he can use texts along with pictures . It will make their post more attractive and  catchy & because pictures are handled with more – interest over Instagram's , it is more likely that more people will respond to it in an effective way.

What is TBH Abbreviation? Definition

October 20, 2016
TBH acronym is generally used before a user gives his/her honest thoughts or opinion,which indicates the attitude of speaker towards the sentence. Many times we use this acronym for giving compliment to anyone, Suppose you are a badminton player and I am observer of your game and fare the match I like your game then I compliment you that I have never told you this but TBH the way you play the game and did the smashes I really love it.

This is the prerequisite of any communication speaker or sender must know about receiver For example I text to my friend and he does not know what is TBH? then is difficult to understand what I am trying to express.

History of TBH abbreviation?

Any innovation can only happen if people have some difficulty before that innovation,In simple words solution of any existing problem is innovation.TBH acronym is also an innovation and this innovation is done by teenager’s who love to spend time on social networking sites. This innovation happen for less key stroke while texting or updating your status. This provide less typing and speed while texting.this is best article about What is TBH Abbreviation.

TBH abbreviation on social media?

TBH is one of the most popular slang on social media. Most of us had already use it, if not don’t bother it.TBH has a double meaning. It still means “to be honest,” but it is used as a game. Often, the game can be a way for other people to express derogatory opinions of their friends and peers in a social setting for others to see.

TBH is expressed in different way on different social networking sites let know about this. What does TBH mean on popular social networks.

On Facebook:

On social networks TBH is used as game,this game is premise of getting honest opinion from a person who will like your post,Most of us has played this funny game on facebook. The premise of this game is to get an honest opinion from the person who posts TBH as their status update. To play this game, people have to like the posts, which lets the game initiator know that you are willing to play. Once you get a like,user who likes your post then you have willing to let him/her know your honest opinion that what do you think about him/her.

On instagram:

Most of us are aware with Instagram.Instagram is a picture-centric social networking site and one of the most of important feature is Instagram allows hastaging.A hastag TBH can be use any sort of context, whether serious or joke,many people can view the pictures even they did not follow him/her if he share with #TBH.

On twitter:

Twitter is a social site that allows people to acquire followers based on common intrest. In comparison to other social networking site on twitter has tagging is more frequently used.

By adding a has-tag to the acronym like TBH everyone can link to the has-tag to find out what other are taking about when they refer to TBH. Many people use it as game a way to speak their opinion about something that is trending or to share a picture that they have posted on instagram.

What is TBH slang?

October 20, 2016
Let’ s go through the What is TBH slang?Slang is made up or consist of lexicon(vocabulary of person,language or branch of knowledge) of non standard words and phrase in given language. The ever-evolving bastardization of written and spoken language as a result of social and cultural dolization of uneducated,unintelligible celebrities. For example, Go out side and see how DAT boy is rockin’. Some times these type of word does not exist in dictionary but for the comfort ability purpose and most of the time for less typing people use it, collection of these type of words or phrase is known as slang. Let’s see some slang that we use generally on social networking sites while chatting or updating our status and all, UG:ugly,Broken: Hangover from alcohol etc there a many interesting slang.
TBH Slag

TBH as a slang?

TBH term as an opportunity to vent about one other’s weakness or physical appearance. In simple words making belie to listener or receiver that you are facet of moral character or a property of you on which he does not belive. For Example: TBH, today you are looking so beautiful I can’t explain it in words.

I think it is also important to know that majority of the slang users are being teenagers.

Sometimes people use TBH in different ways:

To Be Honest:

TBH short-hand for “To Be Honest” and most of us use it on social networking sites for getting their friends option on their post what they honestly think about him. We all learn the honesty lesson from our childhood. There is no need to discuss about honesty. One thing very important

know this ”Too much honesty might be seen as undisciplined openness.”

When as response to a question but you never heard about that term before then you said To Be Honest I did not know about this or when are going to give an interview and you are not prepare anything about that and when we are discussing to our friends, we said this To Be Honest I did not  read anything. Most of the time Engineering student’s has better experience about it.

Top Bar Hive:

Top bar hive is a beehive that is single storied and framless, that hangs from removable bars.

These are rectangular in shape and greater than twice of the as wide multi story framed hives. Basicly top bar hive are popular among some Bee-keepers who belie it is more natural from bee-keeping.

There is an other popular slang which has very similar to TBH.

TTYT(To Tell You Truth):

This slang is also use when anyone wants to give his honest opinion on any particular subject. This acronym is also frequently use on social networking sites. Like my status or my post TTYT.

What is TBH slang on facebook?

As we know facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, as facebook is popular among us same as TBH is also popular on facebook not only facebook but many of the other social networking sites, we frequently use this term "Like for TBH".Sometimes people are usually habitual of making like any post but for any observation purpose we generally mention that like for TBH.

TBH is an slang,acronym that encourage to social networking site user to express what they honestly think about anyone’s post ,thought or opinion. This all make happen for being popular on social networking sites. Find out what your friends really think about you,If you like my post then I we let you know that how does I feel towards you?

What does TBH,Rate and Date mean?

October 20, 2016
Here you are going to know about a term is known as TBH.What does TBH mean ?TBH stands for? to be honest, basically "to be honest" is a well known phrase of English language .TBH is generaly used while speaker commenting on anyone truthfully.In English language "to be honest" is an example of adverbial dis junction,which indicates the attitude of speaker towards the sentence.

What does TBH mean?

What does TBH really mean? Coming to the realistic meaning of word To be honest.Now a days TBH is being the one of the most important slange of social networking sites.Most of us are Facebook and Instagram users, we frequently use this term "Like for TBH".Sometimes people are usually habitual of making like any post but for any observation purpose we generally mention that like for TBH. Now a days there is a trend if you like my post  I will also like your post sometimes people did not enjoy the post but they still like it because previously  he/she liked his/her's post.

There is frequent stratagy for increase like on social networking giving blind thumbs-up on each an every post and they expect that next time most of them like their post.Sometime people converse to their freind sometimes strange people and request them for a like.One of the funniest thing that some people used to increase their like by using some tools,applications and many more things like this.This all happens for being popular on social networking sites.TBH really mean? If you like my post then I shall let you know that how does I feel towards you?

What does TBH mean? Pictures

Many of us watch motivational photos,quotes and videos sometimes while reading the books we often find TBH but not all of us are hip and herd about it do not bother it. Here we going in the breif discussion of What is TBH?. 'To be honest' is the property to making belive to listner or reciver that you are facet of moral charecter or a property of you on which he does not believe.TBH slange is generally used before a user gives his/her honest thoughts or opinion.

What does TBH Rate mean?

TBH is a popular slang on social networking sites people genarally use this slang while chatting with any one or while updating their status.Have you ever wounder What does TBH Rate mean?Let’s quickly know what does TBH rate mean? Many of us usually update our status with Rate for a TBH.For example,if someone posted Rate for a TBH then he means to say that like my post then I will rate as per your recent activity.Generally rating is done in between 0 to 10,where 0 stands for worst case and of course 10 for best one.

What does TBH Date mean?

What do you think about date?Yes, TBH date mean? A satge of romance when a peoples is in romantic or a sexual relationship and they meet socially is basicaly dating,but on social network site it is little bit different if any one post that Date for a TBH?then if want date him/her then you have to like his/her’s post.Then if that person is also intrested in dating you then he will defiantly reply you.

Why "to be honest"?

Why we need to specify that we are being honest? Why to be honest?All these questions arising in our mind for this we need to understand that what is honesty means?Too much honesty might be seen as undisciplined openness but we all must be heard about a well known phrase "honesty is the best policy".From our school days we learnt that honesty means not to lie,cheat,steal,mislead at any cost.Over all this means we do not do things which makes our moral down.Being honest means if you did some mistakes and you accept it that you did the action,is known as honesty action.

What does TBH Acronym mean

October 20, 2016
Have you ever encountered the word “TBH “ . Those days have come where people are getting addicted to short & unique terms called slangs . TBH is among those words that  had recently flooded  the internet . TBH is most frequently used word while texting , in facebook, tweeter,instagram and in many other feilds .The way TBH is used , it will not be wrong to call it a slang .  Ever wondered what does it means ? . Our youngsters seems to be tech-hungry use it more profoundly . To move in parallel with our younger section  it is important to understand why it is used and how ? . You would have also seen TBH in facebook as – “like for a TBH “ . Internet is filled with many such versions of TBH . Here in this article we will going through some of the TBH versions and their respective uses . But first of all it is needed to understand what does the word TBH means ?? .

What does TBH Stands for ?

Going towards the Full – form , TBH is shorthand notation for - " to-be-honest " . TBH is used with the general meaning "I am speaking correctly" . When a person uses TBH - "he means that honestly I am saying this". The use of TBH as acronym is done mostly by our shortcuts loving  younger generations  ;  instead of saying  “ honestly ,I really mean to say this - “ they use TBH as acronym for the same meaning .

TBH Definitions and Its Uses

Different people can have different definition for TBH . It depends on which context they are using it. For example , when I say “TBH this is the finest painting I have ever seen” . It means that with my full consciousness and presence of mind I am declaring that -I like this painting .  Now a days TBH is frequently used by teenagers and our young generations . Teenagers may  use the same TBH for expanding their friend circle  for example - "TBH this is awesome dude . How did you do this ? " , or sometimes to start a conversation with the person they had their crush -like " TBH  you look amazing ".
In this world of hacks and shortcuts instead of playing big sentences like -" this is my opinion and I really feel this "  people prefer to say that just three alphabets -TBH .

TBH as  Acronym in Facebook:

Nothing can match the use of TBH in facebook . Facebook daily deals with thousands of GB's of text data . Thousands of people use facebook just for texting .  Have someone  noticed any posts saying  "Like for a TBH ".!! ?. Such kind of posts have now becoming common to everyone .   Every day thousands of people uses TBH in facebook . If a person posts like "Like for a TBHthen it means that like my post and  invite me to comment something on you . It indirectly means -let yourself know what I feel towards you(or your recent activity on facebook) for the expense of just a LIKE.


October 20, 2016
Have you heard TBH ? TBH is most commonly used acronym while texting . Do you use facebook ? . It is very frequently used on social networking sites .  You would have encountered people making posts with "like for a TBH". The term “like for a TBH ” is solely related with Facebook . New generation Facebook users have started using the term - Like for a TBH  . Now a days it has become a trend to use TBH slang on social networking .Teenagers are getting addicted to the term "like for a TBH" over social sites generally when they comment  on their friend . It simply  gives them the opportunity to start conversation with their friends .The person who wants to know - "what others think about him ? " can go for "like for a TBH" and in return he becomes eligible to receive compliment from the person.

The use of TBH has crossed all the limits  . Its popularity increased  so much that by seeing its popularity TBH-app has been released . At present the TBH app runs with IOS and android platform ; The App  works with the rule that users have to communicate with “honest-sayings” . More and More people are getting attached with TBH-app day by day . Intrested people can download it from App-store .  For understanding all these mighty TBH-related terms , it  is needed to understand what TBH actually means !
What Does TBH Mean


Like for a tbh and TBH are directly related . First going towards T.B.H . A  "TBH"  generally means - to -be- honest .  TBH is a shorthand notation for- " to be honest "  . It speaks of - that the user is unbiased and is speaking with his full consciousness  . For example , when I say “ TBH  you are very beautiful “ - I mean to say that that I'm saying this honestly   and in my opinion you are the best . “Like for a TBH”  is a way of using TBH on Facebook 

Facebook users have  find a very innovative way of directly putting forword their feelings over internet .They prefer using like for tbh over other methods for clearly expressing themselves . It is like inviting others for getting a TBH comment from that person.


If a person on facebook says-" like for a TBH " then he means  to say  that  " if you will like my post then I will let u know how do I feel towards you.  "like for a TBH " inspires the (TBH-user) to clearly express -  what he feels about those persons(who liked his  post) or about all those person’s recent posts . It will not be wrong to say that it indirectly means that “ if you want to get close to me than like my post ” .

It has become a way of starting conversation with any person . People also use it as for increasing likes on their post, it is similar to -  like my post and in return I will like yours and will let you know my opinion towards you"like for a TBH" is sometimes used with the sense - "like my picture for a TBH " the person who receives a like is invited to freely comment back on every that person who had liked his post .Broadly speaking – It is used as an acronym for  “truly- speaking .

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

What Does TBH Mean on Instagram ?

July 20, 2016
Instagram is a photo driven online networking website, so TBH signifies "Throwback Thursday," notwithstanding "to be completely forthright" on Instagram. Throwback Thursday is not by any means a diversion, however, an approach to impart old pictures to devotees on the site. At the point when your Throwback Thursday picture pulls in a considerable measure of consideration, clients can procure more supporters, which is the reason numerous people have social locales. For Throwback Thursday, various users posts pictures from secondary school or pictures that will get a giggle. What does TBH mean on Instagram? "Tbh," the acronym which remains for "to be completely forthright," has tackled the other significance since adolescents initially embraced it.
What Does TBH Mean On Instagram

What does TBH mean on Instagram ?

The Washington Post as of late profiled a 13-year-old young lady and concentrated on her online networking use. She clarified that on Instagram, a "tbh" is used to say something pleasant in regards to your companions. "[This girl] gets such a variety of preferences on her photos because she's posted more than nine pictures saying, 'Similar to every one of my photos for a tbh, remark when done,'," she told the Washington Post. "So everybody will like her pictures, and she'll only give them a simple tbh.

You've likely seen the TBT (Throw Back Thursday) posting pattern circumventing person to person communication destinations. TBT is people posting either personal photographs, melodies, or pictures from the past. Return Thursday is lots of fun, most likely. Whenever "selfie" gets to be Oxford Dictionary'sword of the year, it is an intelligent thought to pay consideration on the rising (and dominant) dialect developing on the web, quite a bit of it penned—or if we say texted—by adolescents. As you can envision, TBH conveys both the ability to lift someone else up (which it regularly does) with kind or complimenting remarks or—with only a couple clicks—TBH can go south and smash someone else If others pick to post negative comments (all covered in the idealistic exertion "to be brutally honest," obviously).

Another slang pattern making its rounds is TBH (To Be Honest), a term that urges online clients to express sincerely how they feel around a man or thought they post. For instance, somebody may post a photograph or thought, and others may react with: "TBH, you are true despite the fact that we don't talk as much as I'd like to" or "I've never let you know this, however, TBH, I think the way you play guitar and compose music is astounding." TBH has turned out to be so prominent, a few business visionaries have endeavored to make a TBH development of sorts by introducing a TBH application, a TBH blog (complete with directions "on the best way to compose a TBH"), and a TBH App Facebook Page. The TBH application urges clients to join the TBH interpersonal organization to "discover what your companions consider you."

TBH began as an acronym for "to be honest," however has extended past the fundamental significance relying upon where you see the acronym in TBH videos pictures for Instagram. On Facebook, it is an game, on Instagram, it is an approach to sharing old pictures, and it is likewise an application that permits your high schoolers to talk with people over the world. When you know more about how your youngster is using acronyms, for example, TBH, then you can have an above discussion with your kids since you will realize what they are alluding to when they address you. This will permit you to shield your youngsters from people who are using the games, hashtags, and applications in a contrary way.

While "tbh" still signifies "frankly" or now and then "to be listened," it's no more connected with an affront ("I'm simply honest!"), yet with compliments. So, what does TBH mean on Tumblr and how to use TBH on Instagram? In the Washington Post illustration, the teenager young lady, after getting her loves, would then compose a straightforward 'tbh you're beautiful' on analysts' photos. While we trust TBH remains a sheltered social group for support; we've as of now seen some using the TBH expression as a chance to vent around each other's shortcomings or physical appearance.  It was still a touch of befuddling, so we swung to today's high schoolers to separate it further from us. I asked a couple of Instagram-adroit high schoolers to disclose to me (through content, where else?) what a tbh intends to them.

How to get more likes using TBH hashtag on Instagram?

Sammy, a secondary school first year recruit, tells Tech Insider that her companions will as a rule think of "you're pleasant" or "you're clever" after tbh, and in the event that they need to make an association, once in a while they'll hurl in a "we ought to talk more." A tbh is verging on like an Instagram cash — you can exchange a tbh for a like on one of your photographs.

"[You] post a photo saying something 'like for a tbh or remark for a tbh,,'" Sammy says. After they get there like, comment, or take after, the high schooler will then go to give a tbh on a client's last post or direct message them on the application, she clarifies. There are horde reasons why a teenager may do this: they're exhausted, wanting to interface with a pound, to get a certainty help, or substantially to accumulate more likes and devotees. A tbh is likewise an approach to talk with somebody you regularly wouldn't talk with; Sammy discloses to TI. Those people are typically companions of companions, or persons high schoolers might not have necessarily met in person, but rather are isolated by one and only or two degrees of kinship.

Kevin, additionally the first-year recruit in secondary school, discloses to TI that a tbh is "a path for people to tell someone in particular how they feel about them as if they need to get closer and talk with them." In any case, despite the fact that tbh can signify "to be completely forthright," that doesn't mean these posts uncover reality. "I don't think people come clean constantly because nobody would need to be mean or discourteous," says Catherine, a 15-year-old. Sammy affirmed this, saying a large number of people most likely aren't totally legit. In light of a legitimate concern for not being mean, now and again they'll go for the undeniable truths, such as "saying that individually is pleasant, or they are in a portion of the same classes," says Catherine.

"I don't lie," Dan, an additional 15-year-old, says. "If somebody loves [my Instagram post] who I don't have anything decent to say to, I only don't give them a tbh." So there you have it: "Tbh" is no more a snarky comment or a sign that you're going to set indeed the record straight. It's an approach to interface with others and drop a compliment while you're busy.  At any rate in case you're an adolescent on Instagram.

What does TBH mean on Facebook, Twitter?

July 20, 2016
In our day to day lives, we come across terms like Cul8r, BRB, G2G, ROFL, LMFAO, WTF, OMG! I’m pretty much sure that we are all aware of these conditions by now. If not aware, at least we have seen them multiple times on social media platforms, in texts, comments, status updates and while chatting with our friends. These days the literary communication has been shortened to such extent that people find writing full forms old fashioned and outdated. Do you know what do they mean? I mean, you might be knowing what some of them mean? So, what does TBH mean on Facebook?

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What Does TBH Mean on Facebook ?

Ever wondered what the actual synonym is? The English language has been evolving to our dismay in ways that “Selfie” has become the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year. What more can you expect? Thanks to the internet, people now talk less and text more. Especially the youngsters are always seen with smart phones/smart gadgets in their hands that they don’t have time to live in the real world. As they are getting habituated to this kind of culture, the language they use is also evolving which includes a lot of shortcuts. Thanks, for internet, that it is creating new trends. Coming to the point, one might have seen a lot of your friends posting Facebook statuses saying “Like my Status for TBH.” So what does TBH stand for on Facebook?
TBH is just one of the major used acronyms you come across the social media platforms. For those, who don’t know the meaning of TBH, which is a term used as a part of the internet slang, ‘TBH’ stands for the phrase, “To be honest.” The usage of this term is mostly found when a person is giving an opinion. When does a person give an opinion? Well, let’s see! In the case of political issues, debate forums, opinion platforms or fandom communities. Interpretation plays a crucial role in the internet communication.

What does TBH mean on Twitter?

There is a high possibility for people to interpret it entirely different from what you have said. This is why the mode of transporting sarcasm has become weak and almost impossible through the web. This is when TBH comes to the rescue. Yes, you have heard it right. TBH comes handy not only to give out honest opinions but also in times where one wants to use sarcasm but can’t. For example, to put something straight without being exactly offensive but in an offending way, like “I think we used to be besties TBH, but now we are hardly two strangers”

However, one thing to consider about the internet slang is that most of the users that are active are the teenagers, who are still studying, who doesn’t have much of things to do in a day. Therefore, as a mode of time pass, they find spending time on the internet intriguing and entertaining. Therefore, most of the times instead of using the term in honest cases, they are used to state offensive/rude and unpleasant opinions in the most unexpected cases like “TBH, I don’t like you and no one I have known till now likes you much either” or “TBH, I loved you, but you were always an asshole”.

Facebook is turning ten this year. However, it has just been as of late that another pattern called 'like for a TBH' has surged in prevalence. While tweens (pre-adolescents – running from 10 to 12 years of age) are practically fixated on this pattern, it can prompt web tormenting and can prompt a ton of hurt feelings.E.G. 'TBH are my best friend.'Or,E.G. 'TBH I don't generally know you, and I don't generally like you.' So, yes TBH is used for many situations . However,  the usage of it is more and has universal significance on Facebook much more than other social media networks.

Why do people use TBH?

What does it mean when everybody utilizes OMG, TBH, BRB regularly?  The web is not by any means the only place that these other dialect ways are taken, in any case. Text messaging has additionally been advanced by the utilization of "web" slang. With such a variety of youthful grown-ups growing up utilizing just slang, it is nothing unexpected that the instruction framework has taken a major hit. While it might be snappier, it is by no mean the most helpful.

Be that as it may, hold up! Try not to accuse the present era of youngsters of the end of the English dialect. Sources have found that acronyms have been recorded being used as far back as 1917. This was when acronyms started gaining popularity. English Admiral Lord Fisher composed a letter to Winston Churchill and incorporated the expression "OMG" (Oh my G*d). The same likewise goes for 'LOL'. The present, most essential, utilization means 'roar with laughter', yet this acronym has been being used for a long time, and initially said 'bunches of adoration.'
A couple of another web utilizes for "TBH" can be found by a Google seek. However, their utilizations are much more unprecedented. It is used by Tracey Brunstrom and Hammond, and TBH Capital Advisors, for instance, organizations that give budgetary and venture administration and exhortation. Moreover, a few organizations and authorities use "TBH" as 'to be enlisted', which symbolizes occupations/handle that has yet to be filled.

TBH there will most likely come a period when "TBH" stands more for something else, yet for the interim, it just passes on somebody's feeling which could be utilized as a part of a hostile way. So in case if you want to start using TBH, make sure you use it in a subtle and an appropriate way like a cherry on top, or as smooth as cutting the cheese slice. With the help of TBH, one can say anything that comes to their mouth and therefore, it is mandatory for the user to know about its importance. TBH, i.e., “To be honest” is an online currency that helps you build bonds and also enhances grooming with other people.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

What does TBH mean in text language?

July 17, 2016
If you’re a social media user, it’s a huge possibility that you have already heard the term “TBH.” It’s very likely for you to witness the TBH as an acronym either used in the posts or as a hashtag along with the posts in almost all kinds of social media networks coming from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit to Instagram, Snapchat or Vine. Well, the fact that you’re here searching for the meaning says that you don’t know what the term stands for. However, some of us might have come just to confirm the meaning. There might have come several instances where people in your friend's list or follower list start using the term even while conversing with you through text messages leaving you to be annoyed without the knowledge of the term. Here, in this article we are going to discuss the term along with the meaning and what does TBH mean in text? We are also going to give you few examples stating the usage and the intention of the users behind using the term.
What Does TBH Mean In Texting
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What does TBH mean in text language?

TBH stands for, To be Honest. Just go to Facebook and search for the hashtag #TBH and you will find millions of posts with the hashtag. If that’s the case with Facebook, let’s not even talk about other platforms. TBH is an acronym that is often using while messaging, chatting or texting friends, companions, colleagues or any person you want to talk and are close with. It is used as an additive, when you’re going to blurt out something that you honestly feel, in fact, something more like a confession. For example, if you’re texting your crush, it’s obvious for you to feel nervous and struggle while talking to them and letting them know that you like certain things about them. Therefore, in such situations, you can leave a statement along with #tbh in the texts, emails, chat rooms, forum posts or something else. Going to the core definition and putting the entire meaning, in a nutshell, TBH stands for “to be honest” where the user usually gives his/her opinions, thoughts, statements or judgments on a subject or a person. As to be honest, is a bit lengthy, TBH is used to save the time and let’s admit, it has got a style of its own too.

For example,

  • To be honest, you’re not as harsh as I thought you are.
  • TBH, you’re not that harsh as I though you are.

Obviously, the second one sounds better right? Similar to the TBH, few other acronyms can be used like “TTYT”. What does TTYT mean? It holds the same meaning as TBH, and it is a short form used for “To tell you the truth.” But, TBH is a bit more trendy and common even when both the things mean the same. These days, TBH is posted as “Like for TBH”, “Comment for TBH”, “Share for TBH” where people are using it as a currency on social media. This is happening because who wouldn’t want an honest compliment? Well, one can also say bad things or things that one dislikes in other person using a TBH, but as most of us love to play in the comfort zone, that doesn’t happen at all.

It kind of means: Right now I won't shit you. Whatever is left of the time I advise utter gibberish whatever is expected to make you do whatever I like you to do. TBH is a highly prevalent slang utilized by persons on online networking stages generally by adolescents it means ''to be completely forthright''. The term urges the online clients to express their perspectives sincerely about something. It could be a post or a man. In this way, to mirror the validity in the supposition, clients use it.

Better would be to use "To be open". Surely not you will uninhibitedly talk your psyche. Not everybody is qualified for hearing your inward musings. From my comprehension "TBH" = To be straightforward. So relying upon the discussion, you can THB back to them on the off chance that you wanna be straightforward in your reaction! I am mindful that a few people use TBH with consistency and may very well utilize it as a reasoning interruption. That said I have learned after some time to doubt quite a bit of what comes after that. It is to some degree equal to "You are a magnificent individual but..."

This also can be supplanted with the words And or However. Stay away from But. Why do we have to use TBH? It’s one way of grooming and developing bonds with people you meet on social media. Wondering how? For example, imagine meeting a stranger indirect and the first impression of them turned out to be so good that you wanted to form a bond with them that lasts long. Exactly, how do you do this? You will approach them, initiate a conversation, exchange likes, and dislikes. And when the bond stars developing over the time, you might want to share some honest opinions and facts that you haven’t shared before and that they do not know about you till now. In such cases, by the usage of TBH; one gets the liberty and freedom of putting the honest things straight out. Similarly, this type of interaction becomes even more challenging when the friendship is based on a social media platform. By using TBHS, one can say things that they want to say to the other person like a compliment. For example, “TBH, I never liked your DP because I’m always jealous of how gorgeous you like” and this, in fact, makes the other person happy and satisfied.  Therefore, TBH can also be used an enhancer of the relation or sometimes a destroyer if not used carefully. An LMS for TBH is a good way to start knowing people in your profile but don’t ever overdo it that it loses the essence. Now that you know what does TBH stands for in texting, use it wisely.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

What does TBH mean? Definition Full Form

July 16, 2016
Slang trends are playing a huge role in our daily communication. When  "selfie" got to be Oxford Dictionary's word of the year, it is an intelligent thought to pay consideration on the rising (and compelling) dialect developing on the web, quite a bit of it penned or if we say texted by teenagers.  You've likely seen the TBT (Throw Back Thursday) posting pattern circumventing interpersonal interaction destinations. TBT is mainly individuals posting either personal photographs, melodies, or pictures from the past. Return Thursday is a ton of fun, most likely.  Another slang pattern making its rounds is TBH, a term that urges the online users to express sincerely how they feel around a man or thought they post. So, what does TBH mean?

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What does TBH mean | What does tbh stand for

For instance, somebody may post a photograph or thought, and others may react with: "TBH, you are indeed quite despite the fact that we don't talk as much as I'd like to" or "I've never let you know this yet TBH, I think the way you play guitar and compose music is astounding."  As you can envision, TBH conveys both the ability to lift someone else up (which it regularly does) with kind or complimenting remarks or—with only a couple clicks—TBH can go south and pulverize anyone in the event that others select to post negative remarks (all covered in the high-minded exertion "to be completely forthright," obviously).
TBH has turned out to be so well known, a few business people have endeavored to make a TBH development of sorts by introducing a TBH application, a TBH blog (complete with directions "on the most proficient method to compose a TBH"), and a TBH App Facebook Page. So, what does TBH stand for? or What Does TBH means To be Honest. The TBH application urges users to join the TBH informal organization to "discover what your companions consider you."  While we trust TBH remains a sheltered social group for support; we've as of now seen some using the TBH expression as a chance to vent around each other's shortcomings or physical appearance.

TBH Definition

"TBH definition” which remains for "to be completely forthright," has tackled the other significance since it was initially received by teenagers. While the definition stands out to be “to be honest”, the usage of it has deviated throughout the years on social media platform. People started using it to pass time and as virtual currency through which they can buy likes, comments and any other kind of active participation on their profile. TBH meaning was initially standing for, to be honest, is meant to be used to praise someone, give an explicit compliment, or being straight forward with them. For example, if you have a friend whom you have always despised because of her double-faced nature, you might as well confess her with, “TBH, even though you’re such a bitch, I love you for everything you’re” and it might not hurt her as much as it will when you blurt it straight out. Therefore, instead of being used as a straight and generic way of stating facts, it can also be used as a false facade to report facts and get over them.

However, I have seen people using tbh on Facebook or any other kind of social networking platforms when they are bored and when they have nothing to do. Kids who are aged around 12 to 16, and who are in desperate need of attention who wants to escape from the outside world has been updating the statuses like, "Like my Status for a TBH". And instead of being honest, all we can see is them spamming the timelines of people they don't even know. Here, it's not about engaging with new people but polluting the word with making statements about people they haven't known till now and calling them as honest opinions. The real intention of the TBH is meant to be something sacred and regal that when an another person receives a TBH from the one who is giving, they usually stay excited to hear much of a confession than a simple "I don't know you much, but you're a nice person." I mean who the hell on this earth doesn't have a sweet side about them? For alternately numerous high schoolers, what TBH remains for is the reality. They utilize this acronym as a notice, of sorts. They are telling their friends in text, on online networking destinations, and in discussions that what they are going to say is their truth.

This acronym is likened to the expression, "to let you know reality," which is the thing that past eras used to share what they believed was the truth? TBH's significance is to be straightforward, abbreviated for messaging dialect. At the point when youngsters use TBH in content, they are just shortening the word and using the acronym. Numerous abbreviations used as a part of writings are used to diminish the quantity of keystrokes used by the individual sending the message. This permits them to send messages quickly.One admonition exists when using TBH as a part of the content, senders must know their group of onlookers. If the individual getting the message does not realize what TBH implies, then they won't comprehend the message. This is one reason guardians have a troublesome time speaking with their kids since they don't have a clue about the significance of the acronyms or the expressions their children use consistently.

If You have gotten a message with TBH or another acronym, request illumination before communicating your sentiment, so you comprehend the importance of the acronym. So, if you’re going to give a TBH to someone, make sure you are going to confess or tell them the entire truth instead of being modest and making it as a bargain for likes, shares or for making a bond with them.  Because the actual meaning of TBH is “to be honest” plainly, and it won’t stand for anything else other than that. You can sure play “TBH” games but only with people you have known for a longer while and with whom you have something to give (more like a compliment/confession/opinion abuse). So now we think that you have the answer of " what does TBH mean " if still you have any problem please write down in comment section.